Press Copper Fittings

Using modernized cold press connection technology, Everflow and JW Press are proud
to provide a full line of safe and economical press copper fittings.

Press Copper Product Catalog

    Key Features & Benefits:

    ·Fast, Economical and Easy to use

    ·Flameless Installation

    ·Fittings offered in 200 plus configurations
    with dimensions ranging from 1/2" to 4".

    ·Fittings are wrot copper or may contain
    brass assembly. Lead free compliant.

    ·100% Buy American Compliant as
    Domestic Equivalent.

    Approved Applications:

    ·Potable water

    ·Hydronic heating(w/ Glycol)

    ·Chilled water

    ·Compressed Air(200 PSI Max)

    ·Non-medical Gases (140 PSI Max.)

    ·Low Pressure Steam (15 PSI Max.)

    ·Vacuum (29.2" Mercury Max. @68)

Approvals and Certificates: